Telemedicine is an incredibly fast-growing industry that’s only going to expand further in the future. There are so many benefits to accessing health care through technology – everything from consulting with a specialist not geographically close to you, to getting a diagnosis through a video chat with your doctor. One of the fields where telemedicine is being used even more is related to medical marijuana. Even though recreational marijuana is now legally available in California, there are still tons of reasons to get a medical marijuana card. In addition to getting to avoid that pesky sales tax and having the opportunity to grow more plants, using telemedicine to get a medical marijuana card couldn’t be easier. The super-simple process means you can steer clear of doctor’s office waiting rooms and use online services, like MMJRecs, to get your cannabis card.

Clear-cut pricing

Using telemedicine to get a medical marijuana card means you won’t have to succumb to any of those hidden fees or increased prices that you might be stuck with going to a regular doctor’s office. When you use a site like MMJRecs, you’ll get straightforward prices with a flat rate. If you just need an MMJ recommendation from a doctor, you only pay $59. For the doctor’s recommendation and an ID card, it’ll run you $84. The best deal is the package option that includes the recommendation, ID card, and a grower’s permit for just $149. Plus, if you aren’t approved for an MMJ card, you have a 100% money-back guarantee!

Divan Medical - stethoscope

Telemedicine is really revolutionizing the way MMJ patients access their treatment.

Easy-to-complete online forms

Going to a regular physician instead of using telemedicine to get a medical marijuana card can mean you have to fill out a bunch of forms about your health history and symptoms (not to mention all that other paperwork you have to complete any time you visit the doctor’s office). However, if you use telemedicine to obtain a cannabis card, you can simply fill out a quick and easy form online. You’ll be asked basic questions about your health condition and how using marijuana could help alleviate your symptoms. The forms don’t take long to complete, so you won’t be bogged down by paperwork.

Online doctor evaluations

It can be a stressful, time-consuming process to visit your doctor’s office. You have to make an appointment, coordinate transportation, and spend your valuable time in a waiting room. Using a site like MMJRecs means you can have a consultation with a licensed physician without ever leaving your home. They’re available round the clock, every day of the week. More than 420 doctors are selected from the California Medical Board Licensed Marijuana Doctors. The physicians are also all HIPAA (Health and Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)-compliant, so you can be sure your private and sensitive information stays that way. The physician will then look over your information with you on a video call (all 100% online) through your computer or on your smartphone – so you can even conduct the consultation while you’re on the go! Most of the evaluations end up taking less than 20 minutes from start to finish.

Instant email delivery of your recommendation

Once the doctor has discussed your medical needs, they’ll go over the benefits and risks of using marijuana products. If the physician believes it would be in your best interest to get a medical marijuana card, they’ll immediately email you a legal medical marijuana recommendation. You can instantly print it out and use it at most dispensaries and delivery services throughout the state. Just the day after, you’ll also be sent an official, embossed recommendation mailed to your home address (which serves as a valid form of documentation for your MMJ card).

Divan - money

Using telemedicine to get a medical marijuana card can help you save valuable cash.

Exclusive discounts and offers


After you receive your MMJ card, you can access exclusive discounts from the MMJRecs site, as well as medical marijuana dispensaries and online stores. These discounts (along with the savings you’ll get without paying sales tax on your products) can significantly help decrease your cannabis costs. If the dispensary of your choosing offers a rewards program, you should definitely sign up. They can offer deals or coupons (like a percentage off your first purchase) or even provide store credit bonuses. You could even earn rewards if you recommend other MMJ users to their store. These savings can help demonstrate how much more beneficial having an MMJ card can be versus just buying cannabis products for recreational use.

If you think your health could benefit from consuming medical marijuana, you can easily complete these simple steps, using telemedicine to get a medical marijuana card today.