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Sign Up For a Consultation

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Quick & Secure Payment

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Video Chat with Licensed Doctor

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Receive Prescription & Start Feeling Better

After a succesful consult, you'll receive electronic copies of Medical Plan and all pertinent medical documents

Who We Are

Medical Services From Comfort of Your Home

Connect with your doctor, and take care of your loved ones Anywhere, Anytime

Divan Medical is a Professional Healthcare Clinic that uses Telemedicine to extend patient care and accessibility beyond Dr's offices and Hospitals. We provide online consultations for various Medical Certifications needed by patients all over the United States. We focus on the wellness of our patients by providing solutions for any of their medical needs.

  • 100% HIPAA compliant
  • Avoid the waiting rooms
  • Personalized Medical Plans
  • Confidential File Sharing
  • Skip The Lines
  • Electronic Medical certification

Our Approach

Healthcare. Virtually. Anywhere.

Venice Divan Doctor
  • 24/7 Always Available

    24/7 Always Available

    Divan Medical leverages it's pool of medical professionals in order for patients to have easy secure access to our Wellness consultations. Divan Medical has a network of over 50 physicians that have broad levels of availability in all 50 states.

  • Connect Wherever You Are

    Connect Wherever You Are

    Divan Medical can be accessed from your personal computer as long as your device is equipped with a microphone, video camera and speakers. If a personal computer is not available the Divan Medical app can be downloaded on any smart phone or tablets from the IOS app or Google Play store.

  • Consult With Top Practitioners

    Consult With Top Practitioners

    Divan Medical employs Healthcare Professionals that specialize in all different aspects of medicine ranging from Mental health, pain management, orthopedics amongst another specialties. rest assured , whatever the reason for your consult, Divan Medical has the appropriate Medical professional to pair you with.


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