Telemedicine is an exciting and innovative solution to a number of issues faced by patients, but many people find it slightly confusing and off-putting. The truth is that telemedicine is simply healthcare provided via telecommunications technology. It is not a new development as doctors have used telephony since the technology was invented, but it is making new breakthroughs thanks to smartphone technology. Like contemporary telemedicine, the use of emotional support animals, or ESAs, is also not new but is currently experiencing a massive surge in popularity. Animals have been used for therapeutic reasons for thousands of years, but now it is much easier to access proper protection for emotional support animals and their owners thanks to modern technology. As use of telemedicine and emotional support animals grows, the two are being used in tandem more and more frequently.

While many people think that the process of getting an emotional support animal letter is difficult, it’s actually very easy when you use telemedicine. An emotional support animal letter is a document that is stamped, signed, and dated by a medical professional and states that your emotional support animal is used to support you in the treatment of your emotional or psychological condition.

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An emotional support animal can be an incredible form of therapy and treatment.

Many people who have conditions that can be helped by emotional support animals may find it quite difficult to leave the house, which is why telemedicine can be so powerful for them. Telemedicine allows these patients to have an online consultation in order to receive their emotional support animal letter instead of having to go to the doctor’s office, which can be an intimidating experience if you are suffering from particular anxieties or phobias. Emotional support animals can help in the treatment of numerous conditions including post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, stress and anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. In providing tangible support, ESAs often ensure that their owners can live far more productive lives than those who are battling their conditions alone.

In order to get an emotional support animal letter via telemedicine, you just need to have an online consultation which can be done on your smartphone. You may have to wait in a virtual waiting room, but when you get through, you’ll speak to a qualified medical professional who will assess your suitability. They will ask you about your condition and how your pet helps you manage it. If they deem you suitable for ESA treatment, they will write you an emotional support animal letter, which will be valid for one year. When your letter expires, you will need to have another consultation to have your ESA recertified.

When you receive your ESA letter, you will have certain protections under the law. Tenants cannot be prejudiced against by landlords with anti-pet regulations, as ESAs must be accommodated for and cannot be subject to restrictions such as size and weight. You also cannot be discriminated against by airlines who must allow you to fly along with your emotional support animal. They must do all they can to accommodate you and cannot legally stop you and your ESA from traveling together.

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Telemedicine and emotional support animals pair perfectly together to give people the treatment they need much more easily.

The power of pairing telemedicine and emotional support animals is that it can connect you to a medical professional who really understands how ESAs work. There are some doctors who do not believe in the therapeutic power of these animals, despite clear evidence that they have a massive impact on their owners. If you live somewhere that has only a couple of options when it comes to medical advice, it can be difficult to get the specialized care and advice that you need. With telemedicine, you are instantly connected to professionals who are familiar with your needs and those of people like you, who will not judge you, and who want to help. The best thing is that you can access all of this from the comfort of your own home.

Telemedicine and emotional support animals are established therapies that are having their own renaissances, so it makes sense that they work perfectly together. With telemedicine, the power is with the patient and you will be taken seriously and listened to. Take your life back into your own hands and use telemedicine to get the best treatment available to you.