These days, more and more people are choosing to use telemedicine instead of visiting their doctor’s office in person. Telemedicine has exploded in popularity in recent years, especially since the use of smartphones became widespread. Now that almost everybody has an ultra-smart, internet-connected mobile device close to hand, consulting with a medical professional effectively, in high-fidelity, and with complete privacy from any distance has become remarkably easy.

For those of you who are new to the conversation, “telemedicine” is the name for any medical health care provided at a distance using information technology such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Modern communications technology has made it possible for patients to communicate with their doctors over long distances, and now that even the most basic smart-devices can transmit images, health informatics data, and live video links across any distance, telemedicine is becoming a viable option for patients with more and more complex medical conditions.

As the rapidly growing number of patients who are now using mobile technology to get their health care needs met quickly and efficiently will attest, there are numerous advantages to joining the telemedicine revolution. Here are seven reasons why using telemedicine is better than sitting in a doctor’s office.

Divan Medical - doctor's waiting room

Is there anything worse than spending hours in a doctor’s waiting room?!

Telemedicine Affords You More Choice

If you are visiting a health care professional in person, you are necessarily limited in who you can choose based on the area you live in and what doctors operate in your locality. This is not a problem if you have a local doctor who you enjoy visiting. But if none of the health care professionals in your locality particularly float your boat, then you may be forced into the awkward situation of having to spend time with a doctor you do not particularly feel comfortable with. One of the great things about telemedicine is that it opens up a whole world of options to you. Using telemedicine, you can literally consult with a medical professional on the other side of the world if that’s what you want. Telemedicine affords you a ton more choice than regular, face-to-face medical treatment.

Telemedicine is Excellent if You Struggle With Mobility

For patients with chronic diseases and medical conditions that curtail mobility and require the use of a disabled parking permit, telemedicine is a huge help. Even with a parking permit, getting from A to B can be very difficult for people with chronic mobility issues, and so being able to communicate with a medical professional from their own home using telemedicine makes life a great deal easier for these people.

Using Telemedicine Saves a Lot of Time

Getting to a doctor’s surgery can take time. Driving time, finding a parking space (especially a handicap parking space), waiting in line… It all adds up! In the modern world most people live busy lives in which free time is at a premium, so any time-saving device is most welcome. Book an appointment online, and then simply make the phone call or log online at the allotted time. Telemedicine is quick, easy, and massively time saving.

Telemedicine is Ideal if You Need Medical Advice in a Hurry

At many doctor’s surgeries there tends to be a waiting list of several hours at the least, but often several days. This is no good if you need medical advice pronto. This issue does not arise with telemedicine. Because telemedicine is so much more time-efficient, waiting times tend to be very short. Using telemedicine, you can always communicate with a medical professional very quickly. If you need medical advice in a hurry, telemedicine tends to be a much better option than an old-fashioned face-to-face medical consultation.

Divan Medical - remote highway

Telemedicine is particularly useful for people who have to travel a long way to a physical doctor’s office.

Telemedicine is a Lifesaver if You Live in a Remote Location

One of the most obvious ways in which telemedicine is better than visiting a doctor’s office is that for some people who live in very remote locations, the nearest doctor’s office is a prohibitively far distance away! If you live in the middle of nowhere, getting to a doctor’s office can be a major chore, perhaps taking many hours, or even days. For people who live in a remote location, telemedicine is often a much better option than visiting a doctor’s office in person.

Telemedicine Allows You to Avoid the Plethora of Nasty Viruses and Germs That Live in Doctor’s Waiting Rooms

Doctor’s waiting rooms are often hotbeds of novel and exciting (to doctors, at least!) viruses and germs. And while the biologist in you might find these rapidly evolving species rather fascinating, they are usually best studied from afar, and in the abstract. A few hours in a doctor’s surgery can leave you sicker than when you entered. This is not a concern when you use telemedicine.

Telemedicine Makes Communicating With a Doctor Easier For People Who Require Medical Marijuana

Many patients who suffer with conditions that involve chronic pain require treatment with medical cannabis. If the patient is using a strong indica strain, then they may be quite lethargic and dozy. This can make getting to a doctor’s surgery somewhat difficult, and so for patients in this situation, telemedicine can be a very helpful alternative option.