Telemedicine has become hugely popular over the last few years. Being able to consult with a doctor from a remote location via the internet has saved a lot of people a great deal of time and effort. There are many ways telemedicine is superior to traditional medicine.

Traditional medicine has, of course, taken us one heck of a long way. It has developed, changed, and grown, and in so doing has improved our lives immeasurably. It’s not all that long ago that people were having limbs amputated without anesthetic, undergoing pointless and harmful frontal lobotomies, and dying of common colds! Today, miraculous synthetic limbs are making the lives of amputees much easier, brain surgeons are removing tumors from deep inside the fragile (and, until recently, impenetrable and barely understood) brain, and the mortality rates from diseases such as colds, flus, and stomach bugs are close to zero. Even cancer is now well understood and often treatable. Traditional medicine is a testament to the enormous potential of humankind. The visionaries who work tirelessly and dedicate their lives to growing and expanding this field are real heroes to whom we all owe a great deal.

But traditional medicine has some limitations. Most of these are to do with logistics and time. And this is where telemedicine comes in to improve things greatly. Here are five ways in which telemedicine is superior to traditional medicine.

Telemedicine is a Massive Time Saver

In today’s world, most people are busy, busy, busy! Time is of the essence for those who are juggling jobs, families, and numerous other commitments. For these overloaded people, every minute of time they can save is useful. Telemedicine in the USA saves busy people a lot of precious time. Traveling to a hospital or doctor’s office is often a stressful undertaking that eats up several hours of someone’s day. But consulting with a medical professional online, via an app, or over the phone using telemedicine can be done in barely any time at all. A vital telemedicine consultation can be over and done with in less than 15 minutes, from the comfort of your own home. 

Divan - bacteria

The last thing you want when seeking medical care is to pick up an extra unwanted virus or bug! Luckily, you can avoid this by using telemedicine services.


Telemedicine Allows People to Avoid Germs and Viruses Lurking in Hospitals and Doctors’ Offices

The beauty of telemedicine is that you can use it from any place, at any time. And this means that in many situations, you’ll be able to have all your medical needs met remotely, and therefore not need to spend any time at all waiting in a doctor’s office or hospital, marinating in the germs and viruses that tend to call the air and surfaces there “home.” By using telemedicine, you can avoid the secondary illnesses that often result from spending time in a doctor’s office or hospital.

Telemedicine Gives Patients a Vast Amount of Choice

Using telemedicine, a patient can consult with a doctor or physician from almost anywhere in the entire United States (or even the world!). Many people live in localities that have an unimpressive selection of local doctors. Some people do not particularly like dealing with any of the medical professionals in their own neighborhood or town. Also, people often require the services of highly specialized physicians, but they live in a city where no such specialists operate. Telemedicine opens up a whole world of options and gives patients a vast amount of choice.



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For those living in remote areas, telemedicine can be a real lifesaver.

Telemedicine is a Lifesaver For Folks Who Live in Remote Locations

Telemedicine is vastly superior to traditional medicine for people who live in remote areas of the country. Many rural folks live in places that are a multi-hour or even multi-day drive from their nearest suitable medical practice. For these people, going to the doctor’s office to receive traditional medical care is extremely inconvenient. People in remote locations are often busy farmers with tight schedules, so traveling for days to see a doctor is barely an option. Telemedicine allows these folks to consult with a physician anywhere in the world, right from their own isolated outpost… in a matter of seconds!

Telemedicine Makes Life Much Easier For Immobile Patients

For people with mobility issues, such as wheelchair users and folks who require disabled parking, getting to a doctor’s office or hospital can be a taxing ordeal. Even with handicap parking and ramps, it can require a herculean effort for folks with mobility issues to get around. Telemedicine is much better than traditional medicine at catering to these people. Using telemedicine, an immobile person can get a lot of their medical needs met in a hassle-free manner from the comfort of their own home.